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Cloud Pak for Security

Clients have large volumes of security data from multiple vendors and products. They cannot easily bring it all together, so they can miss pertinent threat information. Cloud Pak for Security not only brings security information together from many sources, but it does so without having to move any of the data to do it. Cloud Pak for Security integrates with many security solutions, and includes QRadar SIEM and Resilient Incident Response functionality.

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QRadar collects security info from event logs and data flows between devices to determine whether the environment is secure, in real time. It supports a 3rd party marketplace with many applications (often written by vendors) to bring the most pertinent information into the QRadar solution. (Many are free.) QRadar is available on-prem, in the cloud, and supports multi-tenancy.

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Resilient Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

Resilient guides the incident response process, automates repetitive tasks (with automated IT runbooks) and reduces investigation time. It enhances collaboration among the IT, legal, marketing, and management teams to bring an overall, coordinated response to security incidents. It provides the critical information about compliance regulations, such as who to notify, when to notify them, and what the costs and consequences of failing to notify are. Backed by IBM’s legal research team, Resilient provides compliance information for most every country in the world. It’s available on-prem, in the cloud, and supports multi-tenancy.

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i2 Intelligence Analysis

i2 analyzes many types of data (including social) to discover relationships and patterns of interaction amongst the various actors in an environment. Use i2 for threat hunting, discovering fraud and financial crime, analyzing information about criminals and terrorists, and other applications.

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X-Force Threat Management

IBM X-Force Exchange is a cloud-based threat intelligence sharing platform enabling research on security threats, aggregation of intelligence, and collaboration with peers. Supported by human and machine-generated intelligence, you can leverage it to help users stay ahead of emerging threats. IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence offerings are included in offerings such as: IBM Threat Intelligence Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security, IBM X-Force Exchange Commercial API (also Enterprise API), IBM Advanced Threat Protection Feed by X-Force

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Guardium Data Security

The last thing a client wants is to be in the news for having millions of database records exposed and exfiltrated. Databases are vulnerable, particularly when trusted user credentials have been compromised and used to steal data. Guardium protects databases and can stop these requests before they succeed! Guardium is available on-prem, and supports multi-tenancy.

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IBM Security Verify Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a portfolio with Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Adaptive Access, User Lifecycle and Provisioning, and Identity Analytics capabilities.

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Used by banks, financial institutions, insurers, retailers, telco, travel and transportation industries, IBM’s Trusteer SaaS solutions manage digital identity risk. Trusteer Pinpoint Assure assesses the risk of new or anonymous users. Pinpoint Detect continuously assesses the digital identities of known or enrolled users, and Pinpoint Verify allows organizations to confirm trust for high-risk users with strong authentication.

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MaaS360 with IBM Watson

MaaS360 not only manages mobile devices, it also manages Mac and Windows desktops/laptops. BYOD devices are managed safely and securely without being intrusive to the user, because the work side is managed by IT, and IT does not have to see the personal side. And it’s secure – it supports security standards such as FedRAMP, ISO 27001, and others. Watson technology brings security and vulnerability information right into the console that’s relevant to the environment, and you can drill down to see the affected devices! This saves IT staff a lot of time and energy. MaaS360 is cloud based and supports multi-tenancy.

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